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DIY home solar system.

With 14kWh battery solar backup power.



Whole house DIY solar.

EVERYTHING in my house runs on electricity.

Life is good with SOLAR!!

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loxsolar follow the sun E-W sun tracker

3900 Watt DIY


Approximate total cost: $8900.00 (02/01/2023)

Including 14kWh lithium battery

(16 X 280 Watt cells.)

I'm NOT using any brand names in any of my product descriptions, in other words I do NOT make $$$. If you need any help you can contact me by email or call and I will be happy to assist.

I'm a SUNNUT and I wish there was more of us - and my reason for doing!


Picture on left was taken at 6PM

March 16 and shade is just starting to effect .

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Solar panel racking system with sun tracking. Hurrican coming

Easily removable when hurricane is threatening. All made of weather resistant materials for years of service to come.

Each stand is made of all weather resistant materials and total price is about $125.00 including angle steel 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 14 gauge for solar panel mounting.The stands are clamped on to standing seams steel roof. Protection boxes for battery and controller + box for sun tracker control unit = $40.00

Screen Shot 2024-06-11 at 12.20_edited.j

Solar array with sun tracker system E-W - fixed facing S at 33 degrees.This image has 20 -195W panels and gives you an idea of the setup.Price for all panels $3800.00 apx.

and are spaced out to prevent shades.

This picture was taken at 10am and the array is producing around 2500W.

The tracking system with all hardware is roughly $150.00 + Small 10Watt solar panel 20Ah battery and charge controller around $130.00 



The solar array, inverter, and battery capacity hold the power. Initially designed as an emergency backup system, it has now evolved. The system's performance is tracked via WIFI and Bluetooth.

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3500W Inverter
3500W inverter running 24/7 service.

On May 25, 2021, a 3500W off-grid all-in-one inverter was connected to the 110V sub-panel, providing power to all essential items continuously, not just during emergencies.

These are 2000W X 2 "grid-tied inverters" that do not feed the grid. They are 240V inverters with a limiter on L1 and L2. If the solar generated power is not used, the overflow is stored in a 48V 14kWh battery bank. The output current is set to a maximum of 35A, which is about 1750W. The inverters for safety reasons, shut off immediately if the grid goes down. The temperature-controlled fan removes hot air from the exhaust point of all inverters when the temperature is above 92 degrees.

The price for a 2000W grid-tied inverter is around $450.00.

2000W inverter
Temperature controlled inverter location
Sub-panel for 3500W inverter.

110V sub-panel connected to 110V 3500W hybrid inverter supplying power to some house lights and all essentials.

The price for sub-panels varies - I believe this one was around $250.00 + PRO installation. 

110V Sub-panel
Batery bank
14kWh battery bank for home use.

Battery bank with 14kWh of power,

with BMS and active equalizer. 

Battery storage is the key!!!! 

The battery bank is build of 16 each 280Ah cells and controlled for safe operation by 16S 100A BMS with Bluetooth. For my extra protection I have also installed 16S active equalizer. 

apx.: $2500.00 +

16S BMS 100A $110.00

16S Active equalizer $65.00

Battery bracket $20.00

JK Smart BMS 8S-24S 150A Li-Ion LiFePo4 w/Active balancer

Still trying to figure out if this was the right decision, mostly because of the LOW balancing current of only 1A, on the other hand - doesn't mater if top balanced.

I have set start balance to 3.45V.

Beside that it's working great.

BMS Board 8S-20S 150A with 1A Balance current With CAN/RS485

The price is about $120.00

Screen Shot 2024-06-11 at 12.20.22 PM.png

Solar array

Google Earth

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